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5-Elements Fitness & Pilates provides the very best in Corrective Exercise and Athletic
Conditioning using Balanced Body Pilates Equipment and traditional strength training
equipment for individuals and small classes of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner,
a weekend warrior, or an elite athlete, 5-Elements Fitness has a program for you. Each
session will take you through a powerful workout tailored to suit your fitness level.  

Our space is a bright and peaceful studio with views of the park and lots of free,
convenient parking. Our Pilates & Fitness programs are designed to increase core
strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility. Our clients are both male and female of every
age and fitness level and are finding not only their health restored, but their spirit as well.
There are many options on how to train at 5 Elements, come explore our site and find out

We look forward to training with you!
"You will gain improved
performance of daily and
athletic activities leading to
an improved quality of life."
"We believe in healing
through movement. We target
whole body health and
wellness through pilates
training and rehabilitation."
"We are client focused to create a
positive and healthy experience.
We believe in the development of
your body's greatest potential
physically and mentally."