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5 Elements Pilates
Studio A
Private Pilates Studio, SP Classes & Cadillac Classes  
2630 77th Ave SE #102

Studio B
Group Pilates Studio
across the street from studio A

206.919.7128   I   I
Experience the 5 Elements Difference

5 Elements offers 2 studios with more equipment and offerings to fit your needs.

Our Mission is helping clients transform their lives by maintaining their physical well-being. We believe in good workouts and safe recovery, which is why we
offer Pilates Group Classes, SP Classes and Private Pilates Sessions.

5 Elements Pilates provides the very best in Corrective Exercise and Athletic Conditioning using Balanced Body Pilates Equipment for individuals and small
classes of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner, a weekend warrior, or an elite athlete, 5 Elements Pilates has a program for you.

Our Pilates & Rehabilitation programs are designed to increase core strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility. Our clients are men and women of every age
and fitness level and are finding their health restored. Experience the most effective and safe form of total body exercise there is.