Rebecca Laws Nemetz - founder, instructor
BASI Pilates I Yoga l TRX l Pilates Orbit I RIP Trainer

Rebecca's fitness journey began as a Yoga student and apprentice with Judith Valerie and JV Yoga in 2000. Certified in EmbodiYoga
by master teacher Lisa Clark in 2004, she taught large classes for JV Yoga for years.

From a desire to learn more about creating a healthy lifestyle and maintaining physical strength, Rebecca studied and certified in
Pilates comprehensive training through BASI (Body Arts and Science International) learning all of the Pilates Equipment and Mat
repertoire and feels that the integration of Pilates into daily life has been the perfect complimentary program she'd been searching for
years to find.

In 2007, Rebecca founded the Studio @ Hargett in Raleigh, NC and introduced quality Pilates, Yoga and Fitness programs to a whole
new population of people. The studio flourished and hundreds of new people were introduced to Pilates and Yoga.

Over the years she has continued to further her education through workshops and conferences with such Yoga Educators as Shiva
Rea & Simon Park and Pilates Educators including 1st Generation Classical Pilates Elder Lolita San Miguel, BASI Founder Rael
Isacowitz and  Pilates Masters Karen Clippinger, Alan Herdman.

In 2011, she added TRX certification as well as Pilates Orbit certification to her experience to continue to grow her skills as an
instructor. In 2012, the TRX RIP Trainer certification.

Her goal with 5 Elements Fitness & Pilates is to create a welcoming environment where people of all ages and abilities learn about
the rich history of Pilates and experience all the amazing benefits of a dedicated Pilates Lifestyle.
Ryo Chea - instructor
STOTT Pilates

Ryo was first introduced to Pilates back in 2001.  According to Ryo, Pilates is a way of life? Our daily movements equate to the muscle groups we train in
class. Learning how to activate our muscles we must concentrate on the mind-body connection. This in turn will lead to greater strength, balance, and

Helping others understand the benefits of Pilates will only enhance their awareness on how they should move through life and Ryo's instruction guides
them along that path.

Ryo received her training at  Bodycenter Studios in Fremont and is fully trained in the STOTT PILATES® method in Mat and Reformer, Barrels and
Cadillac. She plans to further her education for the full STOTT PILATES® method.
Mary Herzog - instructor
Physcial Mind Institute & Balanced Body Pilates

"Physical Fitness is the First Requisite of Happiness" Mary Herzog aspires to live each day remembering this philosophy of Joseph Pilates. Mary
started her Pilates journey years ago as a dancer, Pilates conditioning was used as a way to repair, strengthen, stretch, and tone her body as she
trained as a ballet dancer.  Although she doesn't dance as often, she still uses Pilates training to maintain the "long and lean" dancers body. Mary
received her mat certification through Physical Mind Institute and her reformer and apparatus training through Balanced Body University ans has
been teaching over 4 years.

She believes whole heartedly in the principles and fundamentals of Pilates and strives to teach and encourage her clients to adapt them into their
daily lives in other workout routines.  During her classes, she enjoys challenging her clients to move with precision, control, focus, coordination,
and concentration. Take one of her Pilates Classes and feel the core activated, the spine elongated, the body become balanced, the mind
invigorated and you will forever be hooked on the Pilates Method!
Erin Ranta - instructor
Stott Pilates I BootyBarre

She brings 20 years of dance experience, including a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from Cornish College of Arts, and many
years of dancing with the Pacific Northwest Ballet School.

In addition to ballet and Pilates, Ranta teaches an exciting form of fitness called "Booty Barre" that combines all the principles of ballet,
Pilates, yoga and weight training.
Our Pilates teachers have been rigorously trained and certified by such reputable organizations as BASI and STOTT, they do Pilates
themselves, and consistently participate in Pilates Continuing Education.

Our studio exclusively employs Pilates instructors who have passed a comprehensive Pilates training program and have successfully
completed a series of progressively complex written and practical tests. Their thorough training ensures that any of the instructors can
teach individuals or groups safely using all of the Pilates apparatus. Any of the instructors are able to develop individualized workout
regimens for all types of bodies and all ages of clients.

Our instructors are knowledgeable, welcoming and truly care about your well being and will motivate you to do your personal best.
Kerri Youngs - instructor
BASI Pilates I BootyBarre

Kerri is a certified BASI Pilates, Booty Barre and PiYo Strength instructor and began teaching in 2012. She loves Pilates for the strength,
control and centeredness gained through each session.

Kerri loves working with clients to help them find pain-free movement while also learning to connect with their own bodies. Her goal is to
always leave clients with ways to incorporate bits of Pilates into their everyday lives outside the studio.  
Nolan Hoppe-Leonard - instructor
BASI Pilates I Dance

Nolan Hoppe-Leonard is a BASI trained Pilates instructor, dedicated to bringing the highest quality of Pilates instruction to the Greater
Puget Sound region. He has experience working with a diverse range of clients from the beginning levels to the advanced, ages 13 to 80+.

As a BFA Dance Graduate from Western Washington University, Nolan is excited to offer specific classes geared towards dancers as a
way to train for the specific and often unusual demands of the art form.

“With the right instruction, I believe that Pilates can be utilized by anyone who is looking to lead a happier, healthier, more physically fit