5 Elements Pilates A La Carte Package Pricing


Private lessons are a fully customized training experience. A 1 on 1 session with you and your instructor designed to integrate Pilates equipment work within a session. Learn your body like never before through the tutelage of your own trainer that works with you for results. Pilates Private training is recommended for athletes, dancers, and anyone
wanting the luxury of personal attention. A Pilates Private session is the best dose for back pain, injury recovery and sports performance enhancement.

Private lessons are for you if...

You want to intensify your workouts
You prefer 1 on 1 coaching
You're recovering from an injury
You have specialized needs that cannot be addressed in a class setting

  • Single Drop In Class                   $65
  • 8   Class Pkg                                $480 (60/class)
  • 12 Class Pkg                                $660 (55/class)


    Our small group classes provide a more economical way to train, plus stay motived with a little friendly competition. Group classes can be a great way to meet new people while doing something good for yourself. Many choose group classes to have the opportunity to come to more than 2 classes each week for optimum results

  • Single Drop In Class                   $35
  • 8   Class Pkg                                $256 (32/class)
  • 12 Class Pkg                                $360 (30/class)
  • 20 Class Pkg                                $540 (27/Class)


    Duet Lessons provide the opportunity for you and a friend or loved one to take private sessions together. Duet lessons are custom designed for you and your partner; every session is personalized and structured to accommodate both of your abilities and fitness goals.

  • Single Drop In Class                   $45 per person
  • 8   Class Pkg                                $330 per person (41.25/class)
  • 12 Class Pkg                                $450 per person (37.50/class)

Washington State Sales Tax will be added to all package prices
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